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Open House / Class PTA for all classes scheduled on Saturday, 22nd October 2022. Annual Sports & Games, school-level events, to be held on 20th & 21st October 2022. Inter-school Art & Literary competitions of regional Sahodaya (CTSC), an association of CBSE Schools, will be conducted at host schools on 22nd, 27th - 29th October 2022.

Principal's desk


“Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.”—Martin Luther King Jr. 

Education is more than just learning how to read and write. Education helps us to grow and develop as better versions of ourselves, inculcated with values and equipped with useful skills. It will broaden our perspectives and help us to learn about different societies and cultures. Education helps us grow personally, professionally, and socially.

The children of today are the future of tomorrow. The educational needs of today are very different from those of the past because of new challenges and the rapid progress happening in science and technology. The students must be equipped with the knowledge and skills required to face the challenges of future. They can do it easily if we can make the ambience conducive, inviting, stimulating and purposeful.

An institution should be a living place, where children would love to spend time for their education, that shapes children’s lives and builds their character. Children are like the clay in the hands of a potter; they can be transformed into persons of excellence by supporting them to learn, gradually grow in wisdom and develop a sound value system.

The school aims to mould its students into individuals who are responsible, disciplined and independent to make the right choice. We want to create a generation who can serve and succeed not only in their respective careers, but also in serving humanity and develop empathy and sensitivity towards the world at large. 

I take this opportunity to thank all the parents who have bestowed their faith and confidence in us and for providing all support to the school to attain its objectives. We assure to do our very best always.